Team Selection Process

We attempt to select players in teams that will maximise individual participation and skill development.  This is done by grouping players of similar abilities.

The following outlines the principles applied in regard to team selection each season  (in no particular order):

1. Consultation with coaches in regards to player performance

2. Coaching committee observations of matches

3. Team balance (i.e a balance of talls, guards, offence and defence skills)

4. Player commitment, attendance at training & games and positive team attitude.

5. All decisions on teams are the responsibility of the Coaching Committee.  Any approaches to coaches by players to join or change teams must be referred to the Coaching Committee.

Friendship requests

Special requests for friendships, or any other concerns, may be made and should be noted on the Registration form.

In the younger age groups, where there are friendship requests, if there is a skill difference between such players, the pair will be placed in a team ranked at a level that reflects the standard of the lesser player. Both players must register on time, and indicate on the Registration form that they both wish to play in the same team. If the request is one-sided, we will be unable to accommodate it.

While all requests will be considered, the Committee cannot guarantee that they will be met.  Ultimate decisions on where players are placed are made by the Coaching Committee.

Friendship teams

The club allows friendship teams for age groups U15 and higher, once the players have had a number of seasons to play at different levels and are able to make their own decisions about their basketball.  Friendship teams need to have a genuine friendship link, such as all players previously attended the same primary school or all players currently attend the same high school.

Friendship teams must be approved by the Club and may not be approved if the team adversely affects the ability of the Club to field its strongest A grade teams.

If you would like to register as a friendship team you will need a minimum of 7 friends, supply your own coach and team manager.  The organiser of the team must send to the Club - the names of the players in the proposed friendship team, the name and contact details (email and phone number) of the coach and the team manager.

Teams will not be entered into competitions until they have a minimum of 7 players registered.

The Coaching Committee will review this request and if it is deemed in the best interests of the club, it will be approved.

Coaching Committee Timeline

The following is a timeline for meetings and correspondence held by the coaching committee during times of team selection.

1. Planning meeting

2. Observing players at matches

3. Receiving feedback from coaches

4. Selection meetings (as many as four meetings)

5. Posting of teams at Presentation Day

6. Review of teams for new registrations and withdrawals

PLEASE NOTE: Adjustments will likely be made throughout the grading phase due to withdrawals, team number balancing, incorrect grading of players, etc.

If you have any enquiries do not hesitate to contact the coaching committee via email¬†[email protected]