Koonung Comets - Domestic Competition


Koonung Comets' teams compete in the Eastern District Junior Basketball Association (EDJBA) competition. A domestic competition which covers teams from a wide part of eastern Melbourne (from Park Orchards/Warrandyte in the east, Eltham in the north, Collingwood/Ivanhoe in the west).

Each age group comprises a number of grades to enable teams of similar ability to play against each other. Most grades comprise 8 to 10 teams. The normal home and away season is around 16 games plus finals. The first six rounds of the season are called grading games - these are designed to enable the EDJBA to work out which grade each team best fits into. During these rounds it is not uncommon to have some big wins and losses. From round seven teams are put in the grade they will play in for the rest of the season.

All boys and girls from 5 years old to 20 years old can play in the EDJBA league. Players need to be registered with our club each season. In your first season you also need to be registered with the EDJBA. If you are joining us from another club then the EDJBA requires a formal transfer card to be completed.

Each season, all players who register are assessed by the age co-ordinator in consultation with team coaches to ensure that players are placed into a team that suits their level of capability and where they have a chance to improve.

Training is for one hour per week on a Monday to Thursday night between 4pm and 9pm. The day and time of training is designed to fit in with the availability of the coach and players - it's important that parents put this information on their weekly schedule so your training sessions don't clash with any other activities. The younger age groups are normally scheduled to train in the earlier sessions. The purpose of the training sessions is skill development and teamwork improvement.

The EDJBA organises game fixtures to take account of team compatibilities (eg a coach may be coaching more than one team). Games are played on Saturdays and start at 8.30 am, with the last game at around 8 pm.

In general terms, the younger the age group, the earlier in the day games are held. Older age groups can be expected to play at least 1 or 2 late afternoon or evening matches during a season.