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Updated Heat Policy

The following policy is from the EDJBA. (Updated Aug 2010)

With common sense and consideration for people, participants can cope with heat in indoor situations. Common sense and consideration for people includes rotation of all players during a half so all can have a rest, drinking water or fruit juices before becoming thirsty (parents supervise), and some control over the tempo of the game when in offence.

On hot days games will continue to be scheduled at fixtured times. All stadiums must be fitted with a thermometer.  On hot days, court temperature must be taken at the beginning of each game and must be recorded on the score sheet. 

When the court temperature reaches 30C venue supervisors must consider implementing and where the court temperature reaches 35C, must implement the following rules:

- Games will be two 18 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.

- A compulsory Referees’ Time-out will be called at the first whistle closest to the nine minute mark.

- Each team must call one time out before the compulsory time out and one after the compulsory time out.

-The clock must stop for each time-out.

- In the event the coaches do not call their timeouts as required, the referees must intervene and call the timeouts and attribute them to the respective teams.


When the court temperature reaches 40C games must be abandoned:

(a) If a game is abandoned before it commences or before half time it is counted as a draw. 

(b) If a game is abandoned at or after half time, the game score stands as a final result.


If at Friday 5:00PM the forecast for Saturday is 40C or greater * all Saturday games will be abandoned irrespective of the actual temperature achieved on the day. Clubs will be notified via email and the Web Site updated. There will be no compensation for any lost revenue due to cancellation of games.

*forecast by Bureau of Meteorology www.bom.gov.au

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